About the Blessed Sandals

“Yâ nâzhiran li-mithâli na`li nibiyyihi, Qabbil mithâla al-na`li lâ mutakabbirak” 

“O you who looks at the image of the Prophet’s ﷺ Sandal,
Kiss the Sandal’s image without arrogance,
And touch the Sandal with your face,
The Prophet ﷺ used to walk in them.”

This is an image of a Mihrab located in the Darwishiyya Mosque which was founded by Governor Darwish Pasha in Damascus in 1572-75. In the centre of the panel, the Prophet’s ﷺ sandals occupy a place of paramount importance. The iconography of the Prophet’s ﷺ sandals, which sometimes seems to be confused with the representation of his footprints.

The sandal is a sign of distinction specific to the Prophet ﷺ, in comparison to Moses; its protective shape (mithal) “leads to life in both homes” (earthly then eternal). This devotional context explains the singularity of an image of a pair of sandals right in the middle of a space where all faithful believers are required to remove their shoes. The sandals, believed to have touched the throne of God, made the Prophet ﷺ an example for all of creation to follow.